Suzanne Somers called the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, a "Socialist Ponzi Scheme" that will cause premiums to increase and will still leave millions without healthcare.

Somers, who deems herself a healthcare expert after writing two dozen books mostly on health and wellness and using her celebrity to get the best doctors, guest-wrote an article critiquing the healthcare bill. "The word 'affordable' is a misnomer. So far, all you are hearing on the news is how everyone’s premiums are doubling and tripling and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that the whole thing is a big mess," Somers wrote in the Wall Street Journal. "Even after ObamaCare is fully implemented, there still will be tens of millions of people not covered. So what’s the point? Medical care will be degraded, the costs will skyrocket, and most frightening of all, your most intimate and personal information is now up for grabs."

Somers argued that healthcare in America will be corrupt because she's seen Canadian doctors moving to the United States to reap financial rewards because of their socialized medical system. She also referenced a Maclean's magazine article that said many Candians are becoming veterinarians rather than doctors in order to be more financially successful.

Somers wrote that she believes Obamacare will have its most severe ramifications on senior citizens. "So, is affordable care a good thing for retirees? Perhaps over time, it might work if you don’t get too old and you don’t get too sick, and you don’t live too long," Somers wrote. "But frankly, the economic ramifications with our already swollen debt load don’t add up. Retirees who are on Medicare will suffer the consequences of 700 billions of Medicare dollars instead being used to cover the skyrocketing cost of Obamacare." She said that many Baby Boomers she spoke with have agreed that the bill is a Ponzi Scheme better than the one pulled off by Bernie Madoff.

Though the section was deleted as part of an earlier version of the article, Somers discussed Vladimir Lenin and Winston Churchill's statements about healthcare as an argument. "And then there is another consideration: It's the dark underbelly of the Affordable Care Act reminiscent of what Lenin and Churchill both said. Lenin: 'Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.' Churchill: 'Control your citizens' health care and you control your citizens,'" Somers wrote. Both of these quotes were later deleted, and The Wall Street Journal explained that the quotes were fake.

Somers was most recently in the news for countering Miley Cyrus' claim that people mostly stop having sex after age 40. On The Talk she revealed that she and husband of 36 years Alan Hamel have sex "a couple times a day."

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