Susannah Mushatt Jones celebrated her 116th birthday on Monday, July 6, retaining her title as the world’s oldest living person.

Susannah Mushatt Jones The World’s Oldest Living Person

Jones celebrated her milestone birthday privately in New York, where she has lived since the 1920s after moving from her home state of Alabama, where she was born in 1899. Jones moved to New Jersey in 1922, and later moved to New York working as a housekeeper and childcare provider.

The third of 11 children, Jones reportedly credits her long life to lots of sleep and refraining from smoking and drinking. “I never drink or smoke. I surround myself with love and positive energy. That’s the key to long life and happiness,” Jones told the Housing Authority 10 years ago, when she was 106.

Jones was named the world’s oldest living person by Guinness World Records on July 3, 2015, a few weeks after the previous record-holder, Jeralean Talley, died at the age of 116. She has no children, but is an aunt to 100 nieces and nephews. One of her nieces, Dr. Lavilla Mushatt Watson, published a biography about Jones and her family, Susannah – Our Incredible 114-Year-Old Aunt.

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