Iconic actress Susan Sarandon, 66, has enjoyed a film career that has spanned five decades and starred in some of the most recognizable films of all time, including Thelma and Louise and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it wasn't always easy for Sarandon, who faced assault as a young actress working in New York.

Sarandon recently opened up about the attack she endured, which took place during her early career, in Elle Magazine. "It was not successful … for either of us," she said of the audition in which she was assaulted. "I just went into a room, and a guy practically threw me on the desk. It was my early days in New York, and it was really disgusting. It wasn't like I gave it a second thought, it was so badly done."

Sarandon, who next stars in the anticipated Cloud Atlas, which is already generating Oscar buzz, alongside Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Keith David, Hugh Grant and Halle Berry, is heavily involved in charity and activism work. Just two years ago, she headed up a worldwide petition effort to encourage stronger "Safe Harbor" laws to protect the victims of sex trafficking, reports the Huffington Post.

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