Susan Boyle, 45, took an unplanned trip at London’s Heathrow Airport earlier this week moments before she was to board a flight to France. While waiting in the British Airways Club Lounge, Boyle became overheated and collapsed. She was quickly given medical attention. "It was very dramatic. Susan’s legs just gave way under her and she went down," a witness reported to a local newspaper.

After getting back on her feet, Boyle was deemed fit to fly and was able to board. She was headed to the 60th San Remo Festival in Italy. A spokesman for Boyle later reported: "Susan did faint at Heathrow as she overheated in the lounge because it was so warm. However, she is fine now and gave a fantastic performance at the festival."

Boyle, an international superstar thanks to Simon Cowell‘s show X Factor, has had other brushes with over-exhaustion in the past. After losing the X Factor competition last year, Boyle was taken to London’s Priory clinic for treatment and released not long after. –JOE GALBO

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