John Rocker had an embarrassing week on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, failing to keep Val Collins in the game after promising her husband he'd keep her safe.

Hunahpu Tribe Wins Reward Challenge

First, Josh Canfield had to do some damage control with Baylor Wilson after changing his vote last minute and voting to kick her off the island at Tribal Council last week. He tells her that he did it because he didn’t want the others to know how close the two had become, and though Baylor admitted the move was “sketchy and scary,” she seemed to take him at his word. Still, it looked like Baylor would be up for exile again this week, with Val trying to turn the tribe against her.

The group then moved to the Reward Challenge, a mixture of team and one-on-one challenges that involved balance, speed and agility. Rocker went head-to-head with his girlfriend, Julie McGee , and lost, which was a heavy blow to his male ego. “Remove the friend part. I’m losing to a girl. I just got beat by a girl,” Rocker said.

After the win, Reed Kelly tries to trade beans with Jeff Probst, hoping to get another flint to replace the one they lost. Unfortunately, Probst was unsympathetic and informed the tribe that the beans were not nearly enough to trade for a flint. Either they take the fishing gear reward or get a new flint and leave the fishing gear behind. The team decided to take the flint, a smart move.

Following the Reward Challenge, both Rocker and Jeremy Collins were sent to Exile Island, where Jeremy shared his hidden immunity idol clue. The two men made a deal: they would each protect their significant others upon their return to the game. Jeremy would look after Julie, and Rocker promised to keep Val safe.

Hunahpu Wins Immunity

When Rocker and Jeremy finally returned from Exile Island, it was time for the immunity challenge, the water sumo wrestling. The tribes were put through a series of one-on-one battles, and the first team to win five battles wins the challenge.

Missy Payne and Baylor went head to head in an intense mother-daughter fight. The two decided to imagine they were fighting against one of Missy’s exes, but after the first hit got Baylor a split lip, Missy couldn’t continue with the same force, and Baylor took her down.

It all came down to Kelley Wentworth vs. Jaclyn Schultz, and Kelley took Jaclyn down without a second thought, making it another win for the Hunahpu Tribe.

Val's Lie Sends Her Home

When the Coyopa Tribe returned to camp, defeated and ready to face Tribal Council, Val decided to lie and tell Rocker and Jaclyn that she now has two immunity idols. The truth is that she didn't have any. Meanwhile, Rocker successfully deciphered the clue and picked up his own immunity idol, and then decided to have a secret meeting with Val to discuss their (temporary) alliance. Rocker told Josh about Val having two idols, and the two men decide they should split the vote between Val and Baylor. When Rocker informs Val of this plan, Val thinks she’s safe to play another day. She is confident that Jaclyn will stay by her side and vote to exile Baylor.

Unfortunately, Val overestimated her pull with the tribe, and was sent home on the revote after revealing she doesn’t have any idols. Rocker is pissed because he thought Val had an idol to play, and told her to do so, but now Jeremy is going to think that he didn’t keep his word, and will no doubt look for revenge in the coming weeks.