Previously on Survivor, the Millennials were fractured following Mari’s blindside. On the Gen X tribe, Daddy Ken was tired of his tribe worshipping Paul because Paul doesn’t provide nearly as much as Ken does. At the Immunity Challenge, Cece struggled on the balance beam allowing the Millennials to win immunity. At Gen X it seemed the Cece would be the obvious vote but after a stupid comment from Paul and his man braid, Jessica, Sunday, and Lucy decided to flip the vote and blindside Paul

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 4 Recap

It’s Day 11 at Gen X and the tribe is dealing with the ramifications of blindsiding Farmer Fran. Chris and Bret feel betrayed by Jessica and with Lucy’s help they hope to vote her out at the next Tribal Council.

At the Millennial Tribe the majority alliance attempts to hunt a goat while Adam hangs back to search for the hidden immunity idol. Adam, the self-proclaimed “Survivor super-duper fan” (ew), finds a clue to the location of the idol and becomes emotional.

Reward Challenge


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At the Reward Challenge the tribes, in pairs, must race through the water to reach a ring and bring it back to their respective flag. The challenge is very physical and powerhouse Chris shines for the Gen X Tribe. Despite a valiant effort from Michaela, who lost her top in the fray, the Millennials come up short and Gen X take home the reward of steaks, sausages, vegetables, and spices.

Back at the Millennials tribe, Adam uses his newly found clue to discover the hidden immunity idol. In an emotional moment, Adam dedicates his idol to his mother who is battling stage-4 lung cancer. Adam’s find is almost revealed to the whole tribe as the lovably clueless Hannah yells over to him: “How’s your idol search going? Good luck buddy!” (so sweet yet so annoying).

Back at Gen X the tribe is feasting on their reward winnings as Lucy goes off to talk to David and Ken. Lucy tells the duo that they are to vote out Jessica and not to talk to anyone or else the target will move onto them. Daddy Ken doesn’t like the way Lucy is ordering him and David around and refers to her as the new dictator of Gen X.

Immunity Challenge

At the Immunity Challenge the tribes must run through a series of obstacles until they reach a chair where they will be hoisted up by the rest of the tribe to reach numbered bags. Once all 30 bags are retrieved the tribes must complete a puzzle and the first tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity. Despite an early lead by the Gen X tribe, the Millennials are able to close the gap and eventually complete the puzzle faster to win immunity.

At Gen X, Chris and Lucy are confident that they have David and Ken’s votes to blindside Jessica. Ken and David don’t want to vote out Jessica because then they will be back on the bottom of their tribe and instead want to vote out Lucy. Ken, being the sweetheart that he is (love him), approaches Jessica and tells her the tribe is planning on blindsiding her. Jessica finds Ken’s actions to be suspicious and asks Lucy if it’s true. Lucy obviously denies the accusation and confronts Ken, saying that he is being “as emotional as a girl” (nice outdated opinion on masculinity Lucy).

At Tribal Council, Ken brings up Lucy’s plan to blindside Jessica. Jessica is unsure of who to believe and Ken looks her straight in the eye (*swoon*) and reiterates that he is telling the truth. Chris says that he is sticking to the original plan and says that tonight they will find out “who’s the sucker at the table”, since everyone is all in but one of them is going home. As the votes are about to be read, David stands up and hands Jeff his hidden immunity idol. David explains to everyone that he enjoys their company but must play his idol for Jessica (please Lord do not let David get blindsided). Jessica’s mouth hits the floor as David uses his idol on her and remains there as it is revealed that five members of her tribe wrote her name down. As David’s idol negates all votes cast against Jessica, the castaway with the second most votes, Lucy, is voted out (hey karma). The preview for next week’s episode shows the Gen X tribe scrambling to find the idol that is now back in play and a tribe swap that will surely switch up the game. Tune is next Wednesday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of Survivor.

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