Previously on Survivor at the Millennials tribe Figgy and Taylor’s relationship began heating up. The two were quickly labeled as a power couple and therefore a target by the rest of their tribe. On the Gen X tribe, Paul aka Man Braid, overexerted himself and needed medical attention but eventually recovered. At the Immunity challenge, the Millennials held a sizeable lead over the Gen X tribe but were eventually beaten and sent to Tribal Council. Figgy seemed like the obvious target for Tribal but with the help from her alliance members Jay and Michelle she was spared, and a newly formed majority alliance saw Mari as a bigger threat (I’m still confused).

Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 3 Recap

This week’s episode opens with the Millennials reacting to last week’s blindside of Mari. Zeke and Adam feel betrayed by Hannah and realize they are now on the bottom of their tribe. Figgy believes that she and her alliance are in control of her tribe and want to target Zeke and Adam next: “people that write down Figgy’s name go home” (ew third person).

At the Gen X tribe, ZZ Top’s biggest fan Paul, feels recharged after his medical scare last episode and promises to catch dinner for the rest of his tribe. Predictably, Paul comes back empty handed which irritates Daddy Ken, the real provider for the Gen X tribe. Ken doesn’t understand why Paul is the leader of the majority alliance because he doesn’t provide anything.

Both tribes receive Tree Mail which randomly selects four members from each tribe to meet at a summit.  At the summit, Cece and David reveal to Figgy and Taylor that Paul is the leader of the Gen X tribe and a desperate David tells Taylor that he would work for the Millennials if there was ever a swap or merge.


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Back at the Gen X tribe, Daddy Ken discusses his annoyance with being called “Ken Doll”: “last thing I want is to be compared to a plastic doll with no penis” (same).  Ken then pulls Jessica aside and explains to her that he is more beneficial to their tribe than Paul is because he is a provider with a great work ethic (and he’s hot). Jessica agrees with Ken but doesn’t want to vote out Paul because he is part of her majority alliance.

For the Immunity Challenge the tribes must carry heavy bags over a balance beam. Once over the beam they must separate their sand bags from coconuts and use them to knock over a puzzle. With all the puzzle pieces knocked off, the tribes must then race to reconstruct the puzzle. The first tribe to reassemble their puzzle wins immunity and comfort: pillows, blankets, lounge chairs, and candles (get that aromatherapy). The Millennials take an early lead as Cece struggles immensely on the balance beam. The Gen X tribe narrows the gap but aren’t able to recover from Cece’s mishap as the Millennials win immunity.

Back at the GenX tribe, Duck Dynasty star Paul says that Cece is undoubtedly going home. Fearing that their ally Cece is in trouble, David and Ken discuss making Paul the target. At the other end of the beach, Jessica assures Paul that she is loyal to their alliance as long as they do not try to do a men vs. women thing. Paul swears that there isn’t any talk of that in their alliance, but if there were he would approach the women and say “good luck ladies” (LOL idiot). Realizing that Paul is loyal to the men in their alliance, Jessica, Sunday, and Lucy consider blindsiding him.

At Tribal Council, after a quick digression by Ken on how poetic and beautiful it is to type out the full word “you” as opposed to “u” when texting (*swoon*but also please stop it Ken), the presence of a six-person alliance is discussed. Jeff asks if anyone feels that they are on the bottom of the six, but Chris says it is too early to worry about the pecking order. Jessica says that she hopes this vote will unite the tribe and help them move forward as one.  As the votes are read, Cece receives three votes while Farmer Fran from Waterboy, Paul, receives six and is voted out (YES). The preview for next week’s episode sees Lucy assuming the role of dictator of Gen X after Paul’s blindside and Michaela taking her top off in the challenge (#FreeTheNipple). Tune in next Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST for an all-new episode of Survivor.

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