In the newest season of Survivor, the contestants are in Southeast Asia. They will have to battle the humidity, high temperature and each other either on the Brains, Brawn, or Beauty team. The premiere 90-minute episode is full of smack talking, meltdowns and someone getting sent home.

The “survivors” already started sizing up their competition and flexing their muscles. For the first day, the Brawn team, a bounty hunter, a former NBA player, a bodybuilder, a postal worker and student, a real estate agent and a construction worker, set to work to build shelter.

For the Brain side of things, two of which consist of an ER doctor who resembles President Barack Obama and a chemist who might be crazy, set to work on unsuccessfully building a fire.

On the beauty side, Tai, a gardener, gets quickly to work on climbing palm trees and cutting down coconuts.

Caleb seems to be the one that is annoying the contestants right from the beginning by suggesting Tai isn’t good looking enough to be on the Beauty team. He also continues to ignore the advice from his teammates. The Beauty team is the first to build fire though.

Joe, 71, is a former FBI hostage negotiator is in terrific shape as a member of the Brains team while Debbie, the supposed chemist, is listed as a waitress.

On the second day, Aubry, a social media marketer, was not prepared for the heat and claims she is dehydrated but her teammates don’t believe her and claims she is overdramatic and having a “panic attack.”

During the first challenge, the teams dive for paddles and quickly switch to either stacking balls or solving a puzzle. In addition to immunity, first prize gets matches, flint, a tarp and firewood. The second place winners get a flint.

Beauty is able to successfully grab all four paddles but quickly fall behind when trying to get their boast up on their cradles. Brains is first to get their wheels moving and all three teams choose to do the puzzle. Beauty pulls their first win and solve the puzzle the fastest.

During elimination round, Darnell, the postal worker from the Brawn team, is the first sent home with three votes.


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