On Wednesday night’s episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, the show kicked off with a reward challenge that included a set of kitchen tools and spices and ended with a preview that the tribes would be shaken up.


For the challenge, the teams had to make their way through an obstacle course, dig in the sand for balls, then use them to play a game of skee ball and hit eight targets. Scot Pollard‘s Brawn tribe struggled with the task of finding the balls and quickly fell behind. Once the challenge was over and the other two teams beat the Brawn team, many contestants fell ill due to heat exhaustion.

Debbie, Caleb and Cyndey all needed immediate medical attention which caused the beach to become a slew of medical teams tending to the contestants. Debbie and Caleb recovered after a cool down but Caleb collapsed, passed out and needed to be taken off the the island by helicopter.

Survivor‘s official Twitter also tweeted, “This #RewardChallenge just took a serious turn for every team. #Survivor pic.twitter.com/iRDvWQtIA4”

During the challenge, Scot and Aleica got into an exchange of words when Scot took a break from digging. Alecia quickly asked him to keep helping which caused Scot to fire back: “Keep being a cheerleader, it’s all you’re good at.”

Alecia didnt take too kindly to the low blow and confronted him back at the camp. Scot decided to side step an apology while she compared the fight to a basketball game . Scot not buying the analogy, tried to explain that he didn’t mean any ill will with his comment.

During the immunity challenge, the contestants had to retrieve nine pieces for a puzzle. Brawn struggled again with the challenge with Cyndey and Alecia at the helm of the confusion. Alecia eventually gave up and asked Scot or Jason if they wanted to figure it out instead.

During elimination round, it wasn’t surprising to see Alecia get voted off.

Next week’s show hints that the three teams will get either mixed up, merge together, or reshuffled. The Brawn team is down to only three remaining team members.


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