Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers episode 10 and 11 were lumped together for a double header last night. Many backstabbing and blindsiding moves took place, and at the center of it all was Devon.


In the beginning of the episode, we had Devon in cahoots with Ben, Lauren, and Ashley.  In the first part of this two-parter, we started off with a challenge where contestants had to move various blocks using only their feet. Lauren wins and gets a heaping helping of delicious food from host Jeff Probst. She got to bring some friends along for the feast, and picks alliance members Devon, Ben, and Ashley.

While there, they were all moved to learn that they had love letters from friends and family back home waiting for them. Meanwhile, Ryan and Chrissy go back to camp and try to come up with a strategy of their own. At the feast, Ben finds a clue for an idol and discovers its hiding place pretty quickly.

Now on to the second foot-related challenge. Contestants had to stand on a triangular platform in the water with their toes balanced on narrow footholds. The last one standing wins. Big man JP is the first to fall, and Ben, Devon, and Lauren all choose to eat chocolate and peanut butter instead of competing. The winner ended up being Ashley.

After deciding with his alliance to vote out JP, Devon turned and told Ben, Chrissy, and Ryan to vote for Mike. The trick is, though, that Ben will actually vote for JP so that he will become a double agent between the alliances. When JP got votes, Ben acted just as surprised as the others, keeping his true intentions hidden. In the morning, Devon and Ben talk about voting out either Chrissy or Joe at the next tribal council, which, luckily for us, we’ll see before the night ends.

Next we jump to another reward challenge. The final eight are divided into two teams of four and have to collect bags of logs in the water, which they’ll then have to push through a tunnel and assemble a puzzle out of. The winners received a spa treatment with massages, showers, and of course a feast – Devon, Ashley, Ben, and Joe win the prize.

While they mostly enjoy the feast, Ben has to act like he’s not in cahoots with Devon and Ashley so that Joe doesn’t catch onto their act. Back at camp, Ryan tries to set an alliance with Mike, but Mike essentially says it’s too late for that. Likewise, Chrissy tries to work with Lauren, but Lauren rightfully isn’t having it.

Next we have another challenge, where the contestants have to make their way through an obstacle course and collect puzzle pieces while they’re at it, which will then spell a scrambled word. Chrissy comes out with the win, making her immune from the vote. This means only Mike, Joe, or Ryan could get voted out this time around. One alliance decides to vote out Joe, but tricks the others into thinking Ryan and Ben would be voted for, leaving Lauren to use her extra say to split the vote. So Joe is left feeling sure that Ben would get voted out, and Ryan uses his idol unnecessarily when there are just 2 votes for him, 2 for Ashley, and 4 for Joe, sending Joe home.