Episode two of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers opens at the Heroes camp, where Chrissy is reveling in her decision to vote out Katrina at the end of the last episode.


Only Chrissy knows she has an idol, so both Alan and Ashley are still excited but their supposed alliance with JP is working great. They both take time attempting to undermine the other, not realizing that lose-lose is a still a possible scenario.

Next we head over to the Healer tribe only to learn that they have alliance troubles as well. It appears Jessica and Cole may form their own power couple of sorts. “She’s a cool girl, I could see myself with her,” says Cole. Meanwhile, Joe is still feuding with Mike, and stupidly decides to tell everyone that he has an idol (even though he doesn’t anymore) before realizing that this means he can’t go looking for it himself. Lucky for him, he finds an idol map on a tree, but can’t figure it out, so he goes to Cole for help. They see that an idol should be buried by the well, so they go digging and digging, but to no avail.

Over with the Heroes, JP is freaking out about his role this season. He’s been deemed in a power couple with Ashley, but they aren’t even a couple. Chrissy decides to up her game, which basically means being sneaky and backstabbing her teammates like she did to Katrina. She doesn’t like Alan or Ashley, and admits she “doesn’t think JP’s that smart.” For now, she’s got her eyes on Ben.

We head to the Hustlers camp where Patrick starts screaming about a crab that he for some reason decided to pick up with his bare hands. “I’m a wild banshee,” he shouts unnecessarily. Lauren is not having it, and says his volume is at a 10 when it should really be at a 2. Regardless of Lauren’s feelings, no one else likes Patrick either, because a “wild banshee” doesn’t seem like a good alliance partner.

Finally we get to the immunity challenge. Through it all, the Hustlers get a big lead but blow it and end up in third, while the Healers got a terrible start, but brought it all together to end up in thirst. So back at the Hustlers camp, they must decide who to vote off – perhaps Patrick the Wild Banshee, or Simone, who was a little too excited that she pooped in the ocean for the first time. Ryan announces he needs a reliable alliance partner, and Patrick says he he feels he can trust most of the people there.

In the end though, they unanimously vote off Simone. She has a good attitude and leaves with class, so it’s a win-win for her and for us, as she hadn’t added much to the show so far. Tune in next week for episode 3.