Wednesday night’s penultimate episode of Survivor: Game Changers included two tribal councils instead of one, and, as should be expected, that meant there was twice the drama.

In a complex series of betrayals and alliances during the second tribal council that would make Sun Tzu proud, Cirie Fields managed to manipulate multiple contestants to get what she wanted. Although her plan didn’t work exactly as she had envisioned it, it was good enough to achieve its goal, and leave viewers and contestants alike scratching their head over the extent to which she thought it out.

It all began when Sarah Lacina gave Cirie an advantage – although there would eventually be a dispute over whether or not she actually gave it to the cunning contestant. Cirie decided to use the advantage to steal Sarah’s vote, but only in the attempts to save Sarah. Not knowing Cirie’s grand plan, Sarah became upset and said that advantage is non-transferable. Sure enough, in the fine print, the producers of the show had written that the advantage was, in fact, non-transferable.

While all of this was going on Cirie was also operating under the assumption that Tai Trang had an immunity idol – he did, in fact, have two. Not wanting him to use it, Cirie’s plan was orchestrated to make Tai feel as safe as possible. This backfired when Sarah went up to Tai and began to whisper to him, telling him that he wasn’t as safe as he thought he was.

Cirie, whose plan was getting more and more complex by the minute, began to whisper to Sarah. Then, Michaela Bradshaw, joined the whispering group only to be betrayed later.

In the end, Michaela was voted out and will join the the jury for the finale next week. Andrea Boehlke was voted out in the first tribal council of the night, but not in the same convoluted and drama-filled way that Michaela was in the second.

The final episode of the 34th season of Survivor airs next Wednesday, May 24 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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