Last week, Debbie was voted off the island, with Andrea close behind. This week, Zeke Smith left the show.


This week, the castaways were split into two groups. Andrea, Aubry, Sarah, Zeke, and Brad made up the Blue Team, while Tai, Cirie, Michaela, Sierra, and Troyzan made up the Red team. They went head to head to solve a puzzle, where they must form a phrase from letter boards. After almost an hour, the Blue Team walks away victorious. They win a night away from camp, with food to eat and a bed to sleep in.

On their little vacation, Zeke and Brad bond over sports, but Andrea isn’t having it. She gets upset about how Zeke had “betrayed her,” so she said. Back at camp, Sierra is worried this will be her last week. Tai and Troyzan are both hiding idols, but are ready to use them if the situation deems necessary. Aubry also complains that Zeke and Brad have become close, and the group starts to plan how to vote Zeke off the island.

Zeke and Sarah talk a plan to get rid of Sierra first, then Andrea, and then Tai. They want to talk to Brad and Troyzan about the plan also. Brad says he will either cut Sierra or Tai, and is cool with either.

To see who wins immunity, the survivors myst set up an entire row of dominoes and knock it down successfully before anyone else. And Andrea pulls out a win. Lucky for her, because she was almost voted off last week.

In the tribunal, Sarah admits she wants to get rid of Sierra, but Andrea really wants to vote off Zeke. But is Brad a better option? After a final vote, Zeke receives five votes, over Tai with three and Sierra with two.

Next week, family members arrive to shake things up for the castaways. Tune in on Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS.

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