Tommy Sheehan on Wednesday night was crowned the winner of Survivor‘s wild 39th season, Island of the Idols. Sheehan was named Sole Survivor and received a whopping $1 million.

Sheehan beat out Noura Salman and Dean Kowalski following an 8-2-0 jury vote, while Janet Carbin and Lauren Beck were eliminated in the finale. Kowalski received votes from Elizabeth Biesel and Aaron Meredith, while Salman earned zero votes.

This season of Survivor proved to be highly controversial, as it was marred by allegations that contestant Dan Spilo inappropriately touched one of the show’s producers. Spilo was ultimately kicked out of the competition (including the reunion episode) and apologized for his actions.

The final five contestants this season received mentorship from former Survivor winners Sandra Diaz-Twine and Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano. Kowalski won the immunity challenge. At the tribal council, Kowalski negated Carbin’s idol and she was ultimately voted out by all contestants to finish in fifth place.

Beck and Kowalski then faced off in a fire-making challenge to determine who would win the third seat at the last tribal council.


On the final evening of the competition, Sheehan, Kowalski and Salman all made their case for why they should win this season. The jury slammed Salman for making emotional choices but also praised her for winning three of the immunity challenges.

Following the vote from the ten-person jury’s vote, Jeff Probst unveiled the final tally to begin the reunion episode in Los Angeles.


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