Survivor: Blood vs. Water continued with a shocking Tribal Council twist that sends Brad Culpepper to Redemption Island in “One Armed Dude and Three Moms.”

After turning on John last week and breaking his alliance, the guys are reasonably weary of Brad and Candice is furious that Brad betrayed her husband. They all watch as Candice, John and Marissa compete in the Redemption Island Duel for the immunity idol. Brad continues to flaunt his backstabbing of John and tries to help him in the challenge. John gets first place, with Candice coming in second. Thanks to his win, John has to decide who he should give the immunity idol clue to, and Candice tells him to give it to Monica in the hopes of making her a target for elimination.

Monica gets the clue, and Brad starts yelling at her to put it in the fire, and she does. Back at the beach, Brad is going on about who he should condemn next, and he blatantly states that he is thinking of eliminating the only person left without a loved one in the opposite camp, which is Caleb. Caleb is, understandably, jumpy, but agrees with fellow allies Hayden and Vytas to keep Brad around for the merging, hoping that he will be the subject of the other team’s wrath.


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The Galangs win the immunity challenge, ending with yet another fierce mother-daughter competition with Laura M. and Ciera pit against each other, and Laura eventually coming out on top. This is the second time Ciera has lost a challenge to her mother, and it looks like most of her tribe is ready to vote her out.

At Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst asks Brad if he took into account the potential wrath of loved ones when deciding who he would want to eliminate, and Brad told him he had. Caleb, fearing the worst, jumped into action and announced that he would be writing down Brad’s name instead of Ciera.

Brad insists he is still planning on voting Ciera, but Caleb does not trust him and in the end it’s a three to three vote. In the re-vote, Vytas breaks his alliance to Brad and puts Brad’s name down, sending Brad off to Redemption Island with Candice and John.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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