Surge, the citrus soda, has hit the shelves of after a 12-year absence, and has already sold out twice since becoming available for purchase on Monday, Sept. 15.

Surge Available On Amazon

Surge, Coca-Cola’s “citrus flavored soda,” was made and distributed from 1996 to 2001, marketed as an alternative to other citrus sodas like Mountain Dew with the slogan “Feed the rush.”

After the soda was pulled from the shelves, the rise of social media set the stage for its return. Three men founded the Surge Movement group on Facebook in 2011, which lobbied for the product’s re-release. In April, the Surge Movement was contacted from President of Coca-Cola North America Sandy Douglas, who told them their hard work was about to pay off.

Surge Sells Out Twice In 24 Hours

Amazon is selling Surge in 12 packs of 16-ounce soda cans – each 12 pack runs for $14 and is only available for shipping in the US. In 24 hours, the product sold out twice, and more Surge is coming.

Despite the great success of the online revival, Coca-cola has no set plans to bring Surge to stores.

Fans are flooding Surge’s Amazon page with positive reviews and hilarious comments.

“My brother has been in a coma for 12 years. I whispered into his ear that they were bringing Surge back and he shot straight up, did a backflip out of bed and roundhouse kicked a nurse. The miracle is real, SUUUUUUURRRRRGGGGGEEEEE!” wrote Michael Baxter.

Another, more straightforward review from JR simply states, “I just spent 45 dollars on soda and I’m not even mad.”


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