Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 53, decided to celebrate the final season premiere of the hit TNT show Supernatural by getting tattooed with his fictional sons Dean and Sam Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki respectively). Morgan played John Winchester in the series, a Vietnam War veteran from Lawrence, Kansas, who worked as a mechanic by day and demon hunter by night.  Morgan, Ackles and Padalecki have been a part of the sci-fi franchise for 14 years now, and the three have built quite the bond over the years throughout all the fictional deaths, car accidents and of course, demon hunting.

On October 10, Morgan took to Instagram to share a photo of he and his co-stars getting inked from New York tattoo artist Mike Lucenaat. In his post he wrote, “Me and @hilarieburton weren’t the only ones joined for life…. @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles and myself will forever have a bond that is both special, and permanent. Love you both dearly. #jmb #spnfamily.”

Indeed, the Supernatural veteran and Ackles go so far back that it was Ackles who had introduced Morgan to his current wife Hilarie Burton. Before getting married in 2014 and having two children together, the two stars had gone on a blind date together set up by Ackles. Morgan has expressed just how powerful his bond is with his wife and co-stars, and his tattoo will forever continue that special, supernatural bond with his TV family.

The actual design of the tattoo has been kept secret by the actors but fans are eagerly waiting to see them out in public.

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