Last night’s episode of Supernatural got extremely tense and saw Amara go on an bloody angel killing spree and the return of a certain man in red.

Supernatural Season 11, Episode 9 Recap: Hunt For Lucifer

Amara is all grown up and has a bone to pick with God. She doesn’t understand why people worship him and wants to see him dead. In order to draw him out from his heavenly abode Amara decides to lay waste to whoever and whatever crosses her path. She destroys a park, a church and slaughters a host of angels in CGI-heavy scenes which slightly strain the show’s usually top notch visual effects.

Sam’s visions are leading him back to Lucifer and, after convincing Dean that following the visions are their best bet, they seek out Crowley for help. In a welcome comedic side scene, Crowley enlists Rowena to help Sam communicate with Lucifer in The Cage. Rowena is delighted by the prospect of meeting the “dark prince” and ogles at him down in the pit, though even she admits he wouldn’t exactly make for boyfriend material.

Dean catches up with Amara and is momentarily side tracked when she outlines her gripes with God, making a fairly convincing case against him until you remember she just killed a bunch of people. Ruby’s trusty knife makes another reappearance but shockingly proves entirely ineffectual in stopping Amara, shattering when Dean attacks her with it.

Sam confronts Lucifer in The Cage in a nail-bitingly intense scene in which Lucifer reveals the power of The Darkness and offers help to Sam if he agrees to be his vessel once again. Sam refuses, steadfast in his belief that God is guiding him through his visions. In a jaw-dropping moment, however, Lucifer reveals that he’d been sending the visions all along.

Left in ultimate despair we see a single tear roll down Sam’s cheek just before the credits roll.

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until Jan. 20 to find out what happens next.

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