In Supernatural's "Slumber Party" the world of Oz is revealed to be a real world, and Dorothy enlists Sam and Dean must help Dorothy stop the Wicked Witch of the West from taking over earth.

The episode opens in 1935, where two men are sent into the bunker to set up electrical work. Though they start out excited, they become bored after six months. They're playing chess when they receive a phone call telling them a guest is coming. A hunter the name of Dorothy Gale (Tiio Horn) arrives with the seemingly invincible Wicked Witch of the West (Maya Massar).

In the present day Crowley (Mark Sheppard) is locked in the bunker with paper to write down the names of demons for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). Dean returns to the bunker after leaving Kevin (Osric Chau) at a hotel warded by angels. Sam asks Dean why Castiel – Cas – (Misha Collins) isn't at the bunker, too, and he tells him that Cas didn't want his presence to cause trouble and left on his own volition.

Sam then discovers that the map table located in the bunker may have the ability to track angels. They follow the wires on the table to the basement. Though the computer isn't hooked up to anything it's still running, so Dean opens the back panel and accidently knocks over a bottle of liquid. He leaves to find someone to explain how the computer works and doesn't see the spilling liquid form something on the wall.

We flashback to the earlier scene, where Dorothy and the men have the Witch bound but find that they, too, are unable to kill her.

Back in the present, Sam and Dean bring Charlie (Felicia Day) to help them with the computer, which can help them track angels and evil things. After a long while, Charlie downloads the information onto a tablet for the boys.

Flashback again and the Witch has escaped her binding and posessed one of the men so that she can speak, because her own tongue has been cut out. The other man stabs the possessed man and tries to follow Dorothy as she runs after the Witch.

In the present again, Sam, Dean and Charlie go back to the computer to check the download. There they find the spilled liquid on the wall and sweep away the cocoon-like material, releasing 1950s Dorothy. Charlie goes through the information to figure out what's happening and finds a document from the Men of Letters explaining Dorothy and the Witch. Dorothy explains the concoction that had trapped her and the Witch in the now-spilled bottle, and the boys leave to find the Witch. Before the can find her, however, she comes across Crowley, who asks her to write down what she's looking for.

Sam Talks To Hunter Dorothy Gale After She's Accidently Released From The Bottle By Dean.

Dorothy and Charlie talk about the "Wizard Of Oz" book written by her father and Men of Letters member L. Frank Baum. Charlie figures out a way to stun the Witch using poppy extract, and the two go about making bullets with poppy extract in them.

Sam and Dean come across Crowley, who agrees to tell them what the Witch wants if they unchain him. They do so and he shows him what she wrote — the word "key." He sent her to the kitchen where there were plenty of keys, so the boys go in to try and find her. They find is an empty but destroyed kitchen when Dorothy and Charlie catch up to them. Dorothy tells them that they key the Witch meant is the key for Oz, which turns any door it's turned in into a door to Oz. Dean remembers seeing the key in his room when he was taking inventory, and they all split up – Dean and Charlie go to Dean's room, and Dorothy and Sam try to find the Witch.

However, the Witch manages to sneak up on Sam and Dorothy. They shoot her once, but she escapes through the vents to Dean's room, where she uses a spell to steal the key from Dean and Charlie. The Witch attempts to kill Dean, but Charlie jumps in the way and receives the brunt of the spell. While the Witch escapes, Charlie appears to be dead.

Dean carries Charlie to the bed and begs for Ezekiel ("Zeke") to revive Charlie. Ezekiel tells him that he can either stay in Sam's body longer and revive Charlie, or they could leave Charlie and Sam could help catch the Witch. Dean opts to save Charlie, and Ezekiel is left with too little power to catch the Witch supernaturally. Ezekiel leaves Sam's body.

While Charlie recuperates with Dorothy watching over her, Sam and Dean search for the Witch. Dorothy tells Charlie that she died when she began describing the dream she had, which was what her heaven looked like. She tells Charlie that she knows Charlie was killed because that was what had happened to her when the Witch had killed her in Oz.

Meanwhile, Sam asks Dean who Zeke is, since that was who Dean called for when he entered the room. Dean answers with a flimsy lie and changes the subject to ask Sam why he hasn't moved in and made the bunker a home yet. Sam explains that his issue is that he never had a home like Dean.

Back with the girls, Charlie figures out that they can use Dorothy's father's book to find a way to kill the Witch. With an idea in mind, Dorothy leads Charlie to the garage.

The Witch surprises the boys and brainwashes them into telling her where Dorothy and Charlie are so she can kill them. Dorothy has just found her famous red heels in her motorcycle when a possessed Sam and Dean attack her and Charlie. The Witch works on a potion to bring her armies to this realm and uses the key to open the door to Oz and let them in.

The Wicked Witch Of The West Tries To Take Over The Earth.

Before that can happen, though, Charlie and Dorothy overpower Sam and Dean long enough to get the shoes and find the Witch. Using the heels of the shoes, Charlie stabs the Witch in the brain. The Witch dies, turning into a pile of rags, and Charlie closes the door just in time to keep the flying monkeys out. "Ding dong, bitches," Charlie says proudly to the un-possessed Dean and Sam.

Sam and Dean re-chain Crowley because he has yet to give them any demon names. Charlie tells Dean that she knows that she was brought back from the dead, and he begs her not to say anything. She doesn't, and instead takes Dorothy up on her invitation to fight the rebellion in Oz, leaving the boys behind in the bunker.

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