Dean and Castiel worked together to take down Angel of Mercy, Efram, while Sam made a deal with Crowley in last night's Supernatural, “Heaven Can’t Wait.”

In Idaho, a man calling a suicide hotline gets off the phone and puts a gun to his head. He stops and lets the gun drop to the floor. A mysterious man arrives and places his hands on the man’s head – he glows red and the man screams.

Cut to the Gas-N-Sip, where Castiel (Misha Collins) is working, under the alias ‘Steve.’ He’s a model worker, but is struggling to copy the behavior of the regular humans around him. He sees a story about the suicide man – he’s the fourth disappearance in a month. Castiel/Steve wastes no time to call in the Winchester brothers – he has a case for them.

When Dean (Jensen Ackles) gets the call, he is more than happy to ditch doing research with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Kevin (Osric Chau) to investigate. Kevin has translated the tablet, but could only translate it into a dead language, and he needs them to go through volumes of research in an effort to translate the rest completely.

Though his translation efforts didn’t yield much, Kevin was able to decipher one phrase: “fallen angels.” Sam and Dean hope that this means the tablet contains information on Metatron’s spell and, perhaps, has a way to reverse it and send all the fallen angels back up to heaven.

Dean heads up to Idaho alone and begins his investigation. The local cops tell him that all four missing persons were, most likely, suffering from depression and they are all dead. When Dean asks if he is sure it wasn’t suicide, the cop takes him to the crime scene: it’s a shack covered in blood and guts – the victims have been completely taken apart. As Dean tells Sam on the phone, they have been vaporized.

While Dean goes to visit Castiel, Sam goes to Crowley (Mark Sheppard) to ask for help with the translations, but Crowley refuses to help at first. Then, he sees an opportunity: he’ll translate the tablet if Sam can give him a phonecall. Crowley wants to talk to Abbadon. Abbadon has been taking souls before their time and she wants Crowley to know that she’s in charge now. Later, Crowley injects some of Kevin’s blood (used to make the supernatural call) into his own arm.

Over in Idaho, Dean and Castiel visit the crime scene of a teenage girl’s murder. Castiel recognizes the work as that of a dangerous, rogue angel. He wants to help, but he has a date with his boss. Or so he thinks. He’s not the date, he’s the babysitter… When he arrives, her baby is crying and, in no time, Efram – the angel murderer or Hand of Mercy – appears. Efram tells Cas that he is simply eradicating pain from the world, but his real target is Castiel.

The two fight, and Dean swoops in just in time to pass Cas the angel killing knife and Castiel kills Efram without a second thought. Castiel is sad, but he is ready to go back to his human life and is resolved to return to the Gas-N-Sip and do his job.

Crowley has translated the tablet. Sam was right, it is the spell that caused the angels to fall – but there is no reversing it. Sam calls Dean to tell him the news, but Dean doesn’t tell Cas – he says that Castiel needs to leave it to the brothers and should enjoy his humanity.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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