In Monday night’s episode of Supergirl, Kara (Melissa Benoit) falls victim to Red Kryptonite and begins to express her truest feelings to the people around her in a Jekyll & Hyde manner.


The show opens up with Cat on The Talk saying how fantastic Supergirl is. “The most remarkable thing about Supergirl is she’s the kindest person I’ve ever known,” Cat says. “She is an ideal, and she’s inspiring us to be our best selves. Now, we can learn a lot from her.”

Before Kara can finish the interview, she is called to assist in an out of control fire. After she successfully rescues the fireman, she walks past some debris that is hiding the Red Kryptonite. Before she can maneuver away, the Red K attaches to her and singes her veins red.

As the Red K starts to take over the superhero, small things begin to change. First, she chooses to listen to heavier and louder music as she gets ready for work which is where she decides on a very tight and formfitting dress. “Kara, look at you dressing like an adult,” says Cat when she sees Kara’s new look. She continues to turn heads as she makes her way around the office.

When she returns to the DEO headquarters, the second sign that she is turning into something other than the superhero is apparent when she addresses Hank. Hank, also having powers, is questioned on why he doesn’t risk his life as she does hers. “You talk about honoring your people, and yet you refuse to be one of them,” she says coldly. “What are you so afraid of?” She then storms off.

Next, Kara ultimately gets Siobhan fired by intercepting an email that was never supposed to be sent. In the email, Supergirl lets an alien get away and Cat not wanting to forgo her positive words about Supergirl on The Talk, shoots it down. Siobhan decides to take it upon herself to send it to Daily Plant but Kara intercepts the email and shows Cat. Cat decides to fire Siobhan.

As the Red K continues to get stronger in the hero’s body, she gets worse and worse. During a night out to a club, she attaches herself to James who recently broke up with Lucy. James is not down with bad girl Kara and is interrupted by Cat to set up an interview with Supergirl. Kara not wanting to be ordered around by Cat, decides to throw her off the balcony but decides to catch her before she hit the pavement.

“True power, Cat, is deciding who will live and who will die,” says Kara darkly before flying off.

The DEO quickly catches on that something is up with Supergirl and figure out that is the Red K and it was created by Maxwell Lord, who shows up at the DEO right as they make this discovery. The fire was intended to lure Non out and was supposed to kill him but the plan failed and sent the hero into oblivion.

As Maxwell works on a cure for Supergirl, Alex races to Kara’s apartment to check on her sister only to find that she is completely suited up in all black. Kara goes off on her sister and accuses her of not wanting Kara to reach her full potential because she’s jealous. “Without me, you have no life, and that kills you,” says Kara with malice in her voice. “Deep down you hate me, and that’s why you killed my aunt.”

Cat decides she needs to warn the city about the new and evil Supergirl. Kara seeing this, goes on a rampage which causes Senator Miranda Crane to tell Hank he needs to handle her. So the DEO and Maxwell’s unfinished device head out to subdue the hero but are no match for her strength. This causes Hank to reveal himself as Martian Manhunter and a battle between the two ensues.

Hank holds her off long enough for the machine to reach its full potential and stun Supergirl. When Kara wakes up in the DEO infirmary, guilt overcomes her and she asks if she killed anyone. Racked with more guilt, she visits Cat who explains that it won’t be impossible to gain back the city’s trust it just might take some time.

The episode ends with Cat and Kara looking off into the city that is now scared of Supergirl.

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