Supergirl returned Monday with “Bizarro,” an episode that gave a feminist spin on the titular villain.

Supergirl V Bizarro

Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) embodies the part of a Dr. Frankenstein, reanimating a corpse and casting himself as a godlike figure. The revived Jane Doe is imbued with powers to rival Supergirl’s as well as an inherent hate for Kara (Melissa Benoist). Lord hopes that Bizarro, Kara’s doppelgänger, will be the perfect villain to take her down.

When Alex (Chyler Leigh) and the DEO attempt to neutralize Bizarro by using Kryptonite, it only serves to strengthens her powers. The Kryptonite bullets also manage to deform her face. Lord uses the superficial damage to egg Bizarro on, saying, “Supergirl made you a monster.” Playing on Bizarro’s sensitivity to her appearance, Lord succeeds in fueling her ire.

What Lord may not have predicted was Supergirl’s well of empathy that allows her to see past Bizarro’s contempt for her to its cause – Lord. At once, she goes from seeing Bizarro as a true villain to seeing her as Lord’s victim. Kara understands that Bizarro is naive and therefore an easy tool for Lord to manipulate.

Kara manages to convince the DEO that Bizarro – who had kidnapped James (Mehcad Brooks) – should be captured rather than killed, and they succeed in doing so with the help of reverse Kryptonite. Bizarro suffers significant damage in her capture, and stands little chance at living a normal life after her recovery, but she’s alive. Kara soothes her as she’s placed in a medically induced coma.

Is that the last we’ll see of Bizarro on Supergirl?

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