Sumner Redstone, the media mogul of Viacom, filled a lawsuit against his two ex-girlfriends yesterday.

Redstone vs. Herzer and Holland

Manuela Herzer and Sydney Holland, Redstone’s two former mistresses, allegedly left the 93-year-old man in debt by more than $150 million. The lawsuit alleges that they manipulating the billionaire away from his family and from his other girlfriends.

Redstone’s attorney, Robert Klieger, attests that the duo “manipulated and emotionally abused Redstone to get what they wanted — jewelry, designer clothing, real estate in Beverly Hills, New York, Paris and money — lots of it.” The entire document spans 30 pages.

Moreover, the claim insists the duo conspired to estrange him from familiar associates, as they had replaced several of his staff, including his physician and attorney. The latter also remade Redstone’s estate plan.


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Herzer and Holland both received $45 million after Redstone cashed in on his Viacom and CBS stock. Both women also made frequent use of Redstone’s credit cards, allegedly racking up charges of thousands of dollars.

The team representing Herzer and Holland claim Redstone willingly gave the two women these gifts. They also insist that Shari Redstone, his daughter, is the one responsible for this “fictional revisionist history” court order.

Friction arose between Redstone and the women 14 months ago. Holland was kicked out of the mansion after Redstone allegedly discovered she was having an affair, and Herzer was given the same treatment six weeks later after Redstone grew skeptical of her.

In 2015, Herzer filled a lawsuit to reclaim her status as Redstone’s healthcare agent. This also brought to light how Redstone’s health problems have escalated, including the revelations that he was “prone to crying spells” and needed help moving throughout his home. Her claims of Redstone’s incompetency were dismissed earlier this year.

In March 2014, the two women corresponded with each other through email. One of these emails was reproduced within the 30-pages, and the topics the two discussed include placing their names on Redstone’s trust and getting their host to gift them money “now rather than waiting until after he dies.”

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