Caution spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode hinges on something that could be considered a manufactured plot device, but it ultimately works as a way for Logan Roy (Brian Cox) to yet again shake up the company dynamics. Not even death can keep the patriarch from torturing his loved ones. The article in question is a piece of paper discovered in Logan’s private safe that names Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) as his favored successor. The name is underlined in pencil out of importance. Or it may be crossed out. The uncertainty is what makes the plot device work – its function changes based on the person looking at it. Kendall sees it as a path to glory, finally fulfilling his numerous attempts to take over the company throughout the series. For someone like Shiv (Sarah Snook), however, it’s a heavy setback that puts her alliance with Roman and Kendall into question, and more importantly, her shot at the throne.

This sets everyone off, pushing each other down to gain an advantage as the board meeting to elect the next CEO is that same day. The position is only an interim one to help the GoJo deal get done, which is something that is not on everyone’s agenda. One of the hopefuls in grabbing the CEO seat is Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), perhaps not fully aware of his predicament. Karl (David Rasche) delivers a wake-up call, telling him that he’s an “interloper” who no one trusts. The only person who liked Tom was Logan, so he’s no longer a relevant player. But there is one revelation that may serve as a way back in for him – Shiv is pregnant.



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It’s something that she doesn’t seem to want. In fact, everything seems to go wrong for her in this episode. Kendall and Roman, as co-COOs of the company, convince the board that they should share the job as CEO, leaving Shiv in the dark with neither power nor allies. This is the lowest it has been for her, captured by her tumble down a stair and subsequent meltdown.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Roman are making their first decision as co-CEOs. They issue a press release with the communications team that discloses their new positions and speaks well about their relationships with Logan. However, with one last twist, Kendall looks again at his name on his dad’s piece of paper. It’s clearly crossed out, leading him to reverse the press release decision secretly, wreck his father’s reputation in the media and boost his own credibility.

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