With a title like Succession, the show has promised an answer from the very beginning. Which one of Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) children will take over the company after he dies? It’s a question that pits Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) against each other. That premise has experienced a seismic shift as Logan won’t be the one who makes that choice even if he did never intend to give up control.

Caution spoilers ahead!

The circumstances of Logan’s death may be what he deserves. The media tycoon died with a whimper, drawing his last breaths in an airplane bathroom. Because he passed on attending his son Connor’s (Alan Ruck) wedding in favor of a meeting with Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) in Sweden, he went out surrounded by his obsequious employees instead of his loved ones.

The result is a series of sad scenes where we see the Roy children attempt to process their father’s death. Over the phone, they speak their last words to their unconscious father, saying that they love him but refusing to forgive him for all the abuse he inflicted. The difference in each of the children’s actions during these moments is notable. Roman is in denial, not believing his father has died until he sees his body. As the child with perhaps the closest relationship with Logan, he heartbreakingly tells him that he’s a good dad while Connor’s first response is to say that his father never loved him.


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Logan’s death throws the rest of season 4 into uncharted territory. The GoJo deal may not happen now while the rest of the characters will vie for their piece of the family company. Things aren’t looking too bright for the children with the stock price of Waystar Royco plummeting. And Logan, who emerged victorious in every battle the show has thrown at him so far, has finally fallen. Who will be the one to pick up the pieces?

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