After the Roy children outbid their father for Pierce last week, they are considering a pitch from rebellious Waystar Royco board members Stewy Hosseini (Arian Moayed) and Sandi Furness (Hope Davis) to delay the GoJo sale and hurt their father yet again.

This comes after Logan (Brian Cox) makes a few attempts to get back at his children. He first advises Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) to contact every major divorce lawyer in the city so that they will be in “conflict” with Shiv (Sarah Snook) and not be able to help her case. The second is more petty, taking away the children’s access to the company helicopter, making them late for their older brother Connor’s (Alan Ruck) wedding rehearsal.


Connor’s fiancée Willa (Justine Lupe) is having second thoughts, leaving the rehearsal early. To cheer up their brother, the children help him realize his dream of singing in a karaoke bar.


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Logan hears about his children’s plan, setting up the central standoff of the episode at the bar. He “apologizes” to them for the events of the season three finale, but this only brings on further argument until Logan angrily leaves, telling his kids that they are “not serious people.”

Although the younger Roy children have formed an alliance, it’s fragile. One of the final scenes of the episode finds Roman (Kieran Culkin) answering his father’s call and betraying his sibling’s trust. After all, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Shiv have been pushing Roman around at every turn to get back at their dad. It only takes one of them to fold for the entire plan to come crashing down.

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