More than a decade after Jackie Matthews survived the Sandy Hook mass shooting, Matthews survived a shooting at Michigan State University. When she was in sixth grade, Matthews found herself crouched down in her classroom in a different school in the Connecticut district as students were directed to shelter in place; the shooting left 26 people dead, 20 children and six adults.

The Michigan State University senior relived the traumatic moment when a gunman shot her classmates in a building directly across from her. 

Matthews took her frustration to TikTok, posting a video, saying “I am 21 years old and this is the second mass shooting that I have now lived through.” 

At Michigan State on Monday, a gunman shot and killed three people, all MSU students, and injured five.

Matthews called for action beyond love and prayers in her video.

“We can no longer provide just love and prayers. It needs to be legislation, it needs to be action. It’s not OK,” she said. “We can no longer allow this to happen. We can no longer be complacent. I’ll forever be Sandy Hook Strong; I’ll forever be Spartan Strong.”


Michigan State University senior Jackie Matthews was 11 years old when the Sandy Hook shooting occurred at a nearby school in her hometown of Newtown, Connecticut.

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