Mila Kunis’ stalker, Stuart Lynn Dunn, has allegedly escaped the secure mental heatlh facility where he was being kept this weekend.

Stuart Lynn Dunn Escapes Mental Health Facility

Dunn, who was charged with violating a restraining order obtained by Kunis in 2012, was being held at the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center in Southern California. He reportedly left the center at around 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 30.

Dunn was arrested multiple times for stalking Kunis before she obtained a restraining order against him. He once waited for Kunis in the parking lot of her gym three days in a row and reportedly broke into her empty L.A. condo and lived there for a few weeks. He pleaded no contest after being charged with stalking Kunis, and was sentenced to supervised probation at the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center.

Authorities believe Dunn escaped the mental health facility by climbing out through the bathroom window, which is not barred, and then climbed over a fence surrounding the property. The Los Angeles County Probation Department, which was overseeing Dunn’s treatment, revealed that they are worried for Kunis’ safety. “We’re treating him as dangerous. He does have a fixation on his original victim and that does concern us,” said the Department’s Reaver Bingham.

Kunis has not commented on Dunn’s escape, but authorities report she has been notified. The Sherriff’s Department, Los Angeles Police and Pomona Police are all helping in the search for Dunn, but on Tuesday authorities confirmed they had no leads in the case.

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