Porn star Stormy Daniels says she has been receiving “suicide-bomber” -style death threats from MAGA Republicans over the past several weeks amid former president Donald Trump’s arrest and arraignment in connection with reported hush money payments to Daniels.

Daniels sat down with Piers Morgan on his Fox Nation USA show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, for a 90-minute interview about her life since having gone public with her alleged affair with Trump in 2018 and how his indictment has impacted her life.


While she claims to have been used to receiving some hatred because of the industry she works in, Daniels says the threats drastically intensified since revealing the infamous $130,000 hush money incident. Daniels told Morgan that these threats have escalated into death threats over the past several weeks, by Trump supporters who “genuinely feel that they’re doing something right. That they are the patriots.”


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“Now they’re doing it like a suicide bomber. They truly, in the depths of their soul, they feel like they are doing the right thing,” she told Morgan. While she admits she had received death threats every now and then, Daniels believes the more recent ones to be “way more specific and graphic,” “more passionate” and “seem to be more… serious.”

“They’re not hiding. It used to be if they were going to do something, they would do it from a blocked number or from a fake Twitter account. These people are using their actual phone numbers and their actual emails and their actual Twitter accounts, which then makes it worse because they actually have followers.”

Daniel’s husband, Barrett Blade, confirmed she has been receiving death threats from people warning to kill her, and her family and set fire to their house. “Stormy’s tough . . . but it does get to her, of course,” Blade told Vogue.

Moving on to Trump’s 34 felony charges, Daniels believes that while it is important for Trump to be held accountable for his crimes, she does not think the hush-money incident is “worthy of incarceration.”

“I feel like the other things he has done, if he is found guilty, absolutely,” she told the news columnist. “Those are such more significant crimes,” she added, citing the January 6 Capitol riot as an example. “Look how many people got injured or you know what I’m saying? It just seems like that’s a bigger thing but if this is what leads to it – I can’t help but wonder if there’s something we don’t know.” 

“Part of me was finally like he had to go in and be under the rules of someone else,” she added. “He has to obey the judge and walk through like… the King has been dethroned. He’s no longer untouchable. And nobody should be untouchable. … But the other side of it was like this is someone that our country elected and chose. Was there no better option?” 

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