Stormy Daniels has announced that she will be auctioning off the infamous dress she wore when she met former President Donald Trump, as part of a collaboration with an adult NFT platform.

Daniels has partnered with the NFT platform xxxNifty to create a series of NFTs. The most elusive in the series will be a one-of-a-kind NFT of the dress. The winner of the auction will not only receive the NFT, but the dress itself.

“I am so excited about this new partnership with xxxNifty,” Daniels said in a press release. “I was approached by so many other companies about do[ing] NFTs but their ability to do such cool additions such as this dress and collectible items from my movies and career is what made me decide to go with them! I can’t wait to share our collaborations with my fans.”

Daniels recently sold an original NFT for $17,000 before partnering with the platform.

“We are pleased to welcome Stormy Daniels to the xxxNifty team as a VIP Brand Ambassador and so excited to introduce the latest images of her digital art collection for sale,” said an xxxNifty company rep. “She is one of the most recognized faces in the industry, she has millions of fans and followers, and she definitely knows how to create a buzz!”

NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” are digital pieces of artwork that can be bought and sold by users. They have recently exploded in popularity, causing several notable companies like McDonald’s and Warner Bros to create their own NFTs.

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