As today is the informal stoner holiday of 420, plenty of celebrities have paid tribute to cannabis and wished a happy 420 to all their fans. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Michael Chiklis appears to be celebrating today.

Snoop, who is probably one of the most famous potheads on the planet, took this day to hawk a new NFT platform he is collaborating with called Sound XYZ. Snoop’s “420 edition mix” on the platform costs 0.1 ETH ($308.35 today’s value) for a limited edition NFT that grants fans the ability to hear a song compilation.

Not exactly a great value if you’ve just bought a ton of edibles, but maybe some Web3-minded stoners will buy-in.

Most other celebs weren’t just trying to sell off NFTs and put out wholesome messages wishing the stoners in their follower counts a happy 4/20. Acclaimed actress Susan Sarandon, who is a longtime user of marijuana once argued “the world would be a better place” if more people smoked instead of drinking. She sent out a quick 420 message this morning as well.

The rapper Kid Cudi told fans to “smoke good today” in a Wednesday tweet. He took to Twitter last year to request a “professional blunt roller” in Los Angeles, so hopefully, he already has a good reference he could hire today if he needs it.

Another actor, Chiklis, joined the chorus of celebration by tweeting just “Blaze it!” This is made even funnier that Chiklis’ most famous Emmy-winning role was as a hard-nosed LAPD detective on The Shield, but he obviously doesn’t have to embody that character 24/7.

It’s hilarious to know which of our favorite actors loves relaxing with a joint, but it’s also important these days to remember that thousands of people are still imprisoned for draconian marijuana convictions. If you can afford to, consider donating to nonprofits like the Last Prisoner Project which advocates for people still senselessly jailed for selling or distributing a product now legal in over ten states.

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