Steven Spielberg‘s daughter, Mikaela Spielberg, was arrested for domestic assault in Nashville early Saturday morning after an argument with her fiance turned physical.

This news comes a little over a week after she announced her new career in porn.

Spielberg, 23, allegedly started throwing things at her fiance, Chuck Pankow, 47, after he made a “rude comment” to her, Fox 17 reported. One object hit Pankow in the hand, and police were able to see his swollen wrist and dry blood on his hand when they arrived.

Pankow told Fox News that the altercation was a “misunderstanding,” and said that “no one is hurt.”

Both parties admitted to the altercation when police arrived. Police determined Mikaela was the aggressor because her story kept changing while Pankow’s stayed consistent. So, she was arrested on a $1,000 bond. Her fiance did not want her prosecuted, but officers continued with prosecution on the victim’s behalf. An individual posted her bond, though she was forced to stay for 12-hours before she was released from Hill Detention Center in Nashville.


The court date for this misdemeanor charge was set for March 9.

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