Before Steve Martin took his seat on The Tonight Show next to host Jimmy Fallon, he decided to sing the blues about not wanting to be on the show. The scene starts in Martin’s dressing room with his chin resting on his hands.

“I don’t want to do this show / I used up all my material / I don’t want to do this show,” Martin sang while the Tonight Show audience waited for him. “I used up all my stories / When I was in my 40s / Now I’m 52 years old and I don’t want to do this show.”

Martin eventually decides to “do the show” after realizing it’d be a good way to promote his new musical, Bright Star. 

After singing his opening number, Martin talks to Fallon about doing his first stand-up performance in over 35 years.

“I did a little sample of stand-up with Jerry Seinfeld – I think that’s how it’s pronounced – and I actually do enjoy doing stand-up, especially now, because life is so busy, it’s hectic, with stand-up I can go out and relax and enjoy the silence,” Martin said. “It was really fun. I was really flattered at first that Jerry asked me to open the show for him. But then, I found out he considered it a double-blind comedy test and I was the placebo.”

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