Long-time friends and comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short put their friendship to the test when they both were guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The duo played a game of Fallon’s “Best Friend Challenge,” similar to the newlywed game, but for friends. The host asked questions about the pair to see how well they know each other. They weren’t the best at the game, getting majority of them wrong, but filled the time with one-liner insulted and an abundant amount of laughs amongst themselves.

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Fallon asked Martin, “If [Short] won the lottery, what would he buy?” Causing Martin fired back and tease by writing down, “Friends.” Though it was wrong, Short also used this question to make fun of himself and answered, “Another facelift but this time with a real doctor.”

When the roles reversed, Fallon asked Short, “If Steve could be any liquid, what liquid would he be?” He responded with “skim milk” because he thinks Martin looks like a glass of skim milk. However, Martin sarcastically answered, “Why would I want to be a liquid?”

However still managed to prove to Fallon that they were the best of friends, as they were able to answer one question correctly. The final question they were asked was to fill in the blank, “Complete this sentence: Steve has the world’s greatest blank.” Which led to both of them answering, “Collection of Nazi memorabilia.”

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Watch their hilarious game below!

With a friendship filled with similar humor, it is no surprise that their cross-country tour was a success. Martin and Short are currently promoting their new Netflix special, Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget For the Rest of Your Life, which will feature segments from their shows,. The special will be streaming on May 25.

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