Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking tried out new voices as part of the UK’s Comic Relief charity drive.


Hawking, who lives with ALS, has been unable to speak for decades, but has an Intel-designed machine do his speaking for him. As part of the charity event, various celebrities auditioned to provide Hawking with a new voice – theirs.

Among those up for the part were Rebel WilsonEddie Redmayne, who played Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and chef Gordon Ramsay. Wilson was a favorite until she pronounced his name wrong. “I don’t think anyone would take me f–king seriously if I sounded like that,” said Hawking in response to Ramsay’s take. And Redmayne was appalled he had to audition in the first place.

“I’m intelligent…kind of,” offered Anna Kendrick in her audition tape. “And I’m young and cool… kind of.”

Liam Neeson, Miss PiggyBill GatesLin-Manuel Miranda, and John Boyega each tried to invoke a great voice for the profound scientist, but none with much luck.

Watch the entire video below to find out which voice gets the go-ahead.

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