Bad news for Blade fans. Stephen Dorff, who starred as Deacon Frost in the original Blade, has put the rumors of a prequel to rest.

"That was an Internet thing. There is no Blade prequel," he told Uinterview exclusively. "That came from an idea me and my friend, Stephen Norrington, who directed the first Blade, had to do a prequel because vampires seem to be getting so popular now."

Originally, Dorff and Norrington planned to capitalize on the Twilight craze, but wanted to bend the original Blade's action-horror genre. "We thought, 'why don’t we do this sort of Scarface movie without Blade,' and everyone sort of got into it online," he said.

Rumors surrounding the project began popping up during the summer of 2009. But legal issues concerning the rights of the characters prevented the actor and director from moving forward with the project. "There’s so many legal things with characters, because New Line owns the characters. Marvel is now its own entity. Disney just bought Marvel. So we have to create our own treatment. We’ll see. I’d like to work with Stephen."

Currently, Dorff is working on Immortals, starring Mickey Rourke and directed by Tarsem Singh. He also starred in Sofia Coppola's latest movie, Somewhere, which opened December 17. –ISHITA SINGH

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