Comedian Stephen Colbert delivered a recap on Donald Trump‘s Inauguration yesterday.

“So that’s it. Donald Trump is president. He knows the launch codes, and he hasn’t tweeted them yet, so far so good,” the TV host said.

The audience booed as Colbert announced: “If you’re waking up from a coma… Donald Trump has been sworn in as president of the United States.”

Colbert discussed Trump’s speech and analyzed it in a satiric way. When Trump said that we are leaving gridlock in the past and “looking only to the future,” Colbert explained that what he really meant was, “So don’t ask me about my tax returns ever again, ok?”

Colbert criticized Trump for his repeated use of the phrase “American carnage” during his address. The new President described the country in terms of poverty, decaying infrastructure and crime. “We get it! The country is a turd storm. You said all that during the campaign! You can stop now,” Colbert said.” “He knows he won, right? Putin told him. Just give it up.”

Colbert also commented on Trump’s decision to talk about “how much the former president sucks” while Barack Obama and Joe Biden had to sit behind him, “as helpless as a damp Russian mattress.”

Colbert also pointed out the gloomy weather during the inauguration.  “If it seemed a little dark in the capital, it’s either because it was overcast, or because Michelle Obama was throwing so much shade,” he said.

You can watch The Late Show‘s inauguration episode here:

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