Late Show host Stephen Colbert didn’t hold back when it came to interviewing former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday’s The Late Show to help promote Christie’s new book about President Donald Trump.

As during the show over shots of tequila, Colbert asked Christie, who supported Trump, if he would be a better president.

“Would you have been a better president than Trump?” Colbert asked.


“Yes,” Christie responded, without hesitation. “I like that, that’s nice,” Colbert said.

The pair then continued the conversation about Christie’s current constituency with Colbert pointing out his current 15 percent approval rating in New Jersey.

“I want to say this in the nicest possible way,” Colbert began.

“You know he’s screwing me now, that’s what’s gonna happen,” Christie said to the audience.

“Who likes you?” Colbert mocked.

“You do Stephen,” Christie replied and raised his glass so the two would throw back another shot.

“More of this and I might,” Colbert said as he held up his glass.

Later on, during the interview, Colbert then asked if Christie might run for office again, “hell no,” the former governor said. “Listen, you just told me I’m the most unpopular person in the world. Why would I run for office?”

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