Following President Donald Trump revoking the Philadelphia Eagles’ invite to the White House because majority of them did not want to attend, The Late Night host Stephen Colbert unpacked everything wrong with the situation.

Last night during his opening monologue, he explained how the Super Bowl champions were scheduled to meet the president, however Trump abruptly cancelled the meeting. He said the reason was that the players kneeled during the National Anthem at their games.

However, Colbert noted that none of the players on the team kneeled during any of the games, they were all on other teams. “So Donald Trump is blaming a group of black guys for something they didn’t do,” he said. “They’ll have to rename the Eagles the Central Park 53.”

The Central Park Five was a group of black and Latino teenagers that were wrongfully accused and convicted of rape back in 1989. Trump took out newspaper ads that called for their execution. However, they were released of their conviction after DNA evidence did not match up and a serial rapist and murdered gave a confession for the crimes. To this day, Trump has not apologized for the ads.

Colbert then commented on the fact that Fox News decided to continue on with running the story, despite the fact that Trump’s reasoning to be false. They aired a photo of a few players kneeling on the field. However, he revealed their story came crumbling down when one of the players, Zach Ertz, tweeted that he and his teammates were praying in the photo, which was taken before the anthem. He then accused the outlet for using the photo for “propaganda.”

Watch Colbert’s full opening monologue below.



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