Stephen Colbert invited Serial podcaster Sarah Koenig onto the Colbert Report for last night’s show and soon determined that she was his “favorite guest.”

Sarah Koenig On ‘The Colbert Report’

Colbert opened up the interview by noting that Serial‘s finale will be released the same day that Colbert’s last show will hit the air. He then went on to ask the This American Life producer,  “What does it mean to have the most popular podcast in history? What is the benefit of doing this?”

“Well, I’m here,” Koenig replied to the host, to which Colbert replied, “You’re my favorite guest of all time right now.”


Colbert went on to make a series of quips, deadpanning, “It take place in Baltimore, the same fictional city in The Wire.” He added, in one of the edgier moments of the interview, “This happened in 1999, do you really think that a guy named Adnan Syed could get a fairer trial after 9/11?”

Generally, Colbert offered up a relatively positive analysis of Koenig’s podcast, but true to his on-air character, he did have one major gripe – her audacity to change her mind as new evidence is unearthed.

“That’s one of the things that bothers me. From week to week you might changed your opinion,” he said before giving himself a congratulatory pat on the back. “I’ve been doing this show for 9 years and I have never once changed my opinion on anything. That’s commitment.”

Without skipping a beat, Koenig offered, “When you investigate a story for a year in a half… It’s true I lack commitment. I do.”

Serial‘s final episode will be available Thursday, Dec. 18.

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