Stephen Baldwin, 46, was arrested this past Thursday and charged with failing to file New York State income tax returns for three years.

According to the Rockland County district attorney’s office, Baldwin has a tax liability of $350,000 including penalties and incentives. “At a time when Rockland County and New York State face severe fiscal shortfalls, we cannot afford to allow wealthy residents to break the law by cheating on their taxes," said District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe to CNN, who added that Baldwin’s failure to pay taxes contributed to swift cutbacks and closings in local government agencies.

According to Baldwin’s attorney, Russel M. Yankwitt, the actor paid $100,000 on Thursday. Baldwin had been the subject of a year-long investigation conducted by the Rockland County Special Investigations Unit and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Yankwitt said the actor had been cooperating with investigation and while he did owe money, he had not committed any crime because he did not intend to deceive anyone.

Baldwin is due back in court on Feb. 5. It is his hope that they will be able to settle on an amount between $100,000 and the $350,000 that he owes.

The brother of 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin, 54, Stephen made news recently by going on Good Morning America and saying that his faith (he is a born-again Christian) has prevented him from getting work. “But isn't it weird, that as a Christian, I had a casting director come up to me two years ago and say, 'I'm really sorry, because I've brought your name up in castings for a while now, and they all just look at me like I'm crazy,'" Baldwin said at the time.

Baldwin is facing up to four years in state prison if convicted.

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