Stephen Amell, who often does his own stunts on the show Arrow, proved as much when he dominated the American Ninja Warrior: Celebrity Edition course in honor of NBC’s Red Nose Day broadcast on Thursday.

While Amell wasn’t the only celebrity to defeat the course – baseball player Nick SwisherDancing with the Stars‘ Derek Hough, and Olympian Ashton Eaton all succeeded – he was the only one to even attempt to head to the second round of the course, in which he completed the first obstacle, the salmon ladder.

The special edition of American Ninja Warrior awarded $5,000 for charity per obstacle defeated. For his efforts, Amell raised $35,000 to go towards ending childhood poverty.

The salmon ladder, a particularly challenging obstacle, requires the contestant to work up a ladder while taking their body and the rung of the ladder up with them, all while being suspended over water. Amell seemed to complete the ladder, as well as the entire course before it, with ease.

Red Nose Day was started in the UK in 1988. Since it’s inception, it has raised over $1 billion globally. The annual charity event, started by the non-profit Comic Relief, came to the US in 2015 and has raised $60 million state-side, not including the money raised on Thursday.

Initial counts suggest $35 million was raised by yesterday’s efforts alone.

As part of the event Red Nose Actually, a short sequel to the romantic comedy Love Actually, premiered with much of the original cast reprising their roles.


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