Stella Young, an Australian writer, comedian and disability activist, died unexpectedly in Melbourne on Saturday. She was 32.

Stella Young Passes Away

“With great sadness we acknowledge the passing of Stella Young, our much-loved and irreplaceable daughter and sister,” Young’s family said in a statement, reported BBC News.”Stella passed away on Saturday evening, unexpectedly, but in no pain.”

Among Young’s many roles was that of an editor for ABC’s disability news and opinion website, Ramp Up.

ABC managing director Mark Scott said, “Stella helped us understand disability issues by sharing with a raw honesty about her own life and forcing us to reconsider how we think about disability and create an environment where those with disability can best get on with their own lives.”

Young, who suffered from osteogenesis imperfecta, began campaigning for disabled people at the young age of 14. Over the years, she contributed to the BBC’s disability blog, Ouch! and delivered speeches – most recently a humorous talk at a TED conference – to bring awareness to issues pertaining to those in the disabled community.

She was a member of the Victorian Disability Advisory Council, the Ministerial Advisory Council for the Department of Victorian Communities, the Youth Disability Advocacy Service and Women with Disabilities Victoria.

In addition to her work as a disability activist, she also took on causes relating to women’s rights and LGBT equality.

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