Bill Hader’s Stefon character, the flamboyand New York City nightlife correspondent who frequented the Weekend Update desk, rushed off to marry Anderson Cooper during the Saturday Night Live veteran's final evening on the NBC improv show.

While Stefon was chatting with Seth Meyers and the returning Amy Poehler, he got visibly exasperated. Meyers was trying to get Stefon, who had gone rogue with his time on the air, back on topic. “You know what, you don’t respect me, Seth,” he spat as he ran off the set. After seeing Meyers struggling to choke out his news commentary, Poehler suggests he follow him.

Meyers arrives at the church and screams, “Stefon!” Stefon, Cooper and all the zany characters Stefon has mentioned over the years turn around. When Cooper tries to pull his 360 move, Meyers punches him square in the face. He then grabs Stefon by the hand and they run out of the church – but not before saying “hi” to DJ Baby Bok Choy.

Hader announced last week that he would be leaving Saturday Night Live after eight-year’s on its 30 Rock stage.

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