Netflix’s Squid Game has taken the world by storm— the nine-episode Korean thriller is No. 1 worldwide on Netflix, and is its most popular non-English series ever.

This week, South Korean fans of the series got to experience just what it would be like to participate in the deadly game at the Olympic Park in Seoul. Installed was a replica of the giant robot doll, Younghee, who oversaw the epic game of “Red Light, Green Light” and fans went crazy for it. Many selfies and pictures were uploaded with the doll. Social media has been flooded with Squid Game news, memes and opinions, and fans of the series are dying to see what happens next.

The show features desperate working-class South Koreans, who have gotten into large amounts of debt. They’re invited to play a series of children’s games, but if they lose, they will die. The winner will get a huge cash prize.

The first game introduced to the characters is a game of “Red Light Green Light,” a popular game among children. The game was run by a large doll, Younghee, who caught the players still moving after she had turned around at the “red light.”

Though a second season has not been announced, the show’s huge popularity around the world has led to calls for more content. The series was filmed in 2019 and took about two years to be released, so another season of the Korean thriller isn’t expected to hit Netflix anytime in the near future.

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