NBC Sportscaster Bob Costas, 60, might have served as the lead host for the 2012 London Olympics, but he proved on Thursday night that he isn't afraid to make a few harmless jabs at his NBC higher-ups — which may or may not work in his favor, as NBC hasn't shown much of a history of a sense of humor.

There's been a plethora of criticism about NBC's overall coverage of the Olympics, which included spoilers due to the time difference, and Costas was eager to add his two cents on Conan O'Brien's late night TBS show, Conan, now a month later. "I thought we were doing well heading to the finish line," he said of the closing ceremonies, when NBC infamously cut coverage of The Who's performance to air a sneak preview of Animal Practice, showing a monkey perform a gymnastics routine.

"NBC decides at that moment they should provide America with a sneak preview of Animal Practice, and then come back an hour later … and check in on The Who!" Costas marveled in the most sardonic tone his even-keeled voice could muster. "So here is the balance NBC has to consider: The Who — Animal Practice; Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend — monkey in a lab coat."

Costas wrapped it all up by obliquely referring to O'Brien's legendary feud with NBC. "I'm sure you'd be the first to attest, Conan, that when it comes to the tough calls, NBC usually gets 'em right."

O'Brien laughed and shook his head in appreciation. "You're the best guest ever," he said.

Watch Bob Costa take a jab at NBC here:

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