Sunday night's mid-season finale of AMC's Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston, 56, as consummate meth kingpin Walter White, Aaron Paul, 33, as dealer-with-a-heart-of-gold Jesse Pinkman and Anna Gunn, 44, as the indignant spouse unwillingly caught up in a life of crime, may have left fans with more questions than answers heading into next summer's final demi-season, but creator Vince Gilligan, 45, is right there, willing to iron out some of the confusion. Beware: major spoilers lie ahead.

Fans were buzzing after Cranston's Walt revealed to Skyler (Gunn) that he would be leaving the meth business, shortly after Pinkman also quit, and no one was quite sure if he was being honest. "I tend to believe, personally, he was telling the truth when he told her that," Gilligan told Entertainment Weekly. Have we seen him cooking his last batch? … We're still working out the final eight episodes."

As for Pinkman, "He's going to have plenty to do …. Just because he's out of the business doesn't mean he's off the show. It would not be the same show without [Paul's] wonderful contribution." And Breaking Bad fans can expect a time jump, too. "That's a good bet. The story up until now has taken about 14, 15 months from the pilot episode. Things will probably jump ahead a bit at some point."

Gilligan said that he and the writers have only the "broad strokes" for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, but he does know that "there will be a resolution …. As far as I'm concerned, the end of this story is contained within these final eight episodes … We now have freedom to dispense with the timid storytelling we've been doing so far."

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