Twilight diehards are chomping at the bit to amass as much information as possible about the highly anticipated Twilight Saga finale, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, before they see it this weekend, with questions about how Bella and Edward will deal with the uncertain future of their hapless daughter, Renesmee, who might end up killing whom, what the twist at the end is, etc.

Since fans have to wait a whole evening before the midnight showing of the Twilight premiere, we're here to verify the existence of a few key scenes in the Stephenie Meyer book, hint at couples who might end up together, and even spoil the top secret ending of the movie, which Stewart recently described to Jay Leno as "shocking," saying, "every time I see it or even think about it I get giddy. It freaks me out."

But let's start small. Some fans have been fretting about whether their favorite parts will make it into the Bill Condon-directed flick, but they can rest assured if they want to see the scenes in which Bella (Kristen Stewart) learns about Jacob (Taylor Lautner) imprinting upon her daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), Edward (Robert Pattinson) writes a song for his half-human / half-vampire bundle of joy, or Charlie (Billy Burke) finds out the truth about his granddaughter.

You can also be sure that you'll see Lautner shirtless, though maybe not as often as in earlier installments, but your frustrations might be assuaged when you find out the identity of the partner in his fated future (creepy) romance. As for that lengthy, nail-biting, graphic and gory battle-scene denouement that Stewart found so "shocking" and everyone's buzzing about … ? Well, we wouldn't dream of telling you. Really. We wouldn't DREAM of it.

The final installment of Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 2, hits theaters tonight at midnight.

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