“Bring It On,” the latest episode of The CW hit series The Vampire Diaries, centered around Elena (Nina Dobrev) and her now-twisted identity.

Early in the episode, Elena, who no longer feels any real emotions, fed on an innocent person on the side of the road. It only got worse. Elena returned to high school and joined the cheerleading squad, where she spotted her next meal, a cheerleader from another school. This action signaled to Caroline (Candice Accola) that Elena wasn’t under Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) sire bond, and she was right. It turns out that the sire bond between Damon and Elena was broken when Damon subdued Elena’s humanity, and that the whole reason Elena picked up cheerleading was so that she could suck the blood of the visiting teams. This all spilled over into an ugly feud when Elena had a raucous party and then nearly killed Caroline.

In other news, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) confronted Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) about what to do with Tyler (Michael Trevino), who was still on the run. They couldn’t agree on a solution, but they conveniently still had sex later. The episode concluded with Caroline learning that Tyler will not be back in town for quite some time, and Damon and the increasingly disturbed Elena traveling to New York City.

The Vampire Diaries, now in its fourth season, will air next Thursday with the episode “Because the Night” at 8 p.m. EST. —Hal Sundt

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