If director Marc Webb has his way, The Amazing Spider-Man will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen when it hits theaters July 3. That's because Webb, whose earlier work includes the indie hit (500) Days of Summer, is making sure the Spider-Man reboot includes heart and smarts, and he's enlisted the help of some movie magic-makers to crank up the visual volume.

"The movie I designed as a 3-D movie," Webb told E! Online. "James Cameron, who was incredibly generous with me early on, likes to play 3-D as depth. I liked pushing the 3-D a little more so that it would come out at you. Because I remember as a kid watching The Creature from the Black Lagoon and those things coming out at you and there's something fun about that. And seeing an audience with kids and having them reach out."

But Webb doesn't just want viewers reaching out for added thrills — he wants them cracking up. "That's something from the comics that I've always really been a fan of, but humor is a tricky thing because it's very subjective," Webb said. "[Peter's parents leaving] is how he gets that outsider status. And there's a sarcasm that comes from that and the quipiness," he continued. "That generates from this chip on his shoulder and he's a little bit mean and a little bit snarky. That's an attitude we can all understand and relate to. The humor comes from a very human, real, emotional place. It's not just slapped on."

You can watch the full Amazing Spider-Man trailer, featuring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Sally Field, here.

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